Water the most precious currency of all.

Here are a few facts about water you need to know:

Even though 70% of the earth is covered by water, only 3% of the water are drinkable fresh water.

50% of the world’s population suffers from severe water shortage. This number will increase by 2040

We extract water from holes in the ground, wells, ponds, lakes, rivers, and aquifers, which means that we are consuming water faster than nature can replace it

Over 600 Billion USD are invested every year in water delivery systems

Our Airbreaking technology

When you think about the origin of water the first thing that comes to mind is ground. For it is the source of the water we drink. Untill now.

Our Technology is innovative and powerful. It enables people to enjoy available, fresh, and healthy water, without being dependent on conventional water sources, filters, complex infrastructures, or a particular climate.

Our water Generators will shortly become an integral part of your everyday life. Our machines produce fresh water from the air around you, water that does not have any pollutants and chemicals that can be found in many drinking waters.

Pure water from air

Filters Micro-organisms

Energy Efficient

Low Power Consumption

Sustainable & Environmetally friendly


Nano Ceramic Filter

Easy to use and low maintanance

specializes in finding and mastering clever solutions to global water scarcity challenge.

Air Water Generators- Great tasting Water made from air

Our different devices can be used at home, offices, and also as large-scale units that produce gallons of clean and safe water for the military, villages, cities in need, and other places where water scarcity is a matter of life and death.


Our products showcase technological innovation such as:

  • 7 stage 9 filters unique filteration system.
  • Cold, hot and even sparkling water.
  • Filters and device stauts is monitored and reported on mobile app with 4G connection.
  • Option to conect to solar panels to reduce any infrastructure dependency.
  • European standard.
  • International Electrotechnical Commission Standard.

Residential & office

water generators

Available in colors:

Commercial & Industrial

water generators

Home Dehumidifiers

Residential dehumidifiers help maintain preferred‭ ‬&‭ ‬healthy humidity levels in homes and indoor spaces‭.‬ It cleans the air from excessive moisture and prevents mold and bacteria from developing‭.‬
  • Improves air quality‭ - ‬keeps healthy levels of humidity under high conditions
  • Protects your health‭ - ‬prevents mold and helps eliminate dust mites
  • Convenient and economical‭ - ‬Removing humidity from the air‭, ‬creates a cooler feeling without operating the A/C
  • Portable‭ - ‬easily transported from room to room

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers deliver fresh‭, ‬filtered tap‭ ‬water‭, ‬chilled or boiling hot from one appliance‭.‬
The new generation of water dispensers meets the highest requirements of safty and convenience for homes and offices‭.

  • Improves the taste of tap water by removing chlorine and scale
  • Makes it easy and fun to drink more water
  • Provides cleaner and healthier water
  • Lower cost per liter compared to bottled water‭ ‬
  • More environmentally friendly compared to bottled water

About Us

Our mission – To save the world from water scarcity.
We provide healthy, great tasting high-quality water at an affordable price per person without complex maintenance or any transfers and shipments.
Ziv Leinwand together with a team of leading experts, bringing more than 30 years of integrated experience in developing and designing cutting edge water technology products.
We sell in more than 30 countries worldwide. We aim to be everywhere for everybody.
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